Project manager
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Project manager
Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for construction site management;
2. Responsible for the progress supervision of the project;
3. Responsible for the quality of the project;
4. Responsible for project construction safety control;
5. Responsible for assisting the completion and acceptance of the project;
6. Assist relevant departments in project settlement;
7. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership;
8. Seriously fulfill the terms of the contract, and carefully study the terms of materials, time limit, payment, quality requirements, etc. in the contract.
9. Do a good job of retesting the site and prepare for the actual work. If the actual situation does not match the drawing, the design department should be notified immediately, and the design department should be responsible for modifying or contacting the architectural design and Party A engineering department.
10. For the engineering projects that need to be tested, the supervisory unit or relevant department should be requested in writing to determine the test section and do a good job in product testing.
11. Assess and record various indicators of project safety, quality and progress.
12. Establish good business relations with Party A, Supervisor, General Contractor and Construction Personnel Department.
13. Organize various inspection and acceptance work (hidden and absenteeism), collect and change engineering materials, and archive the on-site visa form to provide basis for completion settlement.
1. Bachelor degree or above (experience can be relaxed to secondary school qualifications; graduated in engineering or civil engineering or engineering management
2. The second-level constructor and above are preferred;
3. Assistant engineer or above;
4. Familiar with project management procedures/processes
5, 2 years of project management experience.
6, management of more than 10,000 m2 doors and windows curtain wall, more than 2 years of industry experience. Understand the relevant office software operations (OFFICE/EXECEL, etc.), familiar with the engineering construction specifications and standards of the curtain wall/door and window industry, engineering quality standards and acceptance specifications, etc., with strong sense of responsibility, good interpersonal communication, coordination, and organizational skills.
1. Bonus distribution: The year-end bonus distribution is based on the company's profit at the end of the year;
2, eat and wear: free staff accommodation (three meals, and improve employee meals every week), free work clothes twice a year, shuttle bus to and from work (according to the shuttle route);
3. Employee life: The company provides employees with a variety of staff activity rooms, such as table tennis, badminton, chess and card room, billiards, calligraphy, etc., and regularly organizes employee activities, extremely up-to-date employee activities, and enriches employees' spare time. To cultivate employees' sentiments;
4. Annual tourism: The company organizes all employees to travel abroad every year;
5. Training promotion: Provide systematic vocational training, including company internal training and out-of-office training;
6, promotion space: a good career development space and promotion opportunities.
7. Competition system: The company adheres to the principle of not burying any talents, and has the ability to serve and compete for key positions.
8. Physical examination of employees: regular physical examinations for employees