Reserve cadre
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Job Title: Reserve Cadres Recruitment Number: Several
Job Responsibilities:
1. Assigned to the company's chief operating officer as an assistant.
Second, assigned to the engineering director as an assistant.
Third, assigned to the leadership of various departments to be assistants.
 4. If the workers and civil engineering professions give priority to technical and project engineering information workers, construction workers, and safety personnel, they will be given the opportunity to study for paid study. Qualifications:
 1. Interns and recent graduates from major universities.
 Second, there is no bad performance during the school.
1. Bonus distribution: The year-end bonus distribution is based on the company's profit at the end of the year;
2, eat and wear: free staff accommodation (three meals, and improve employee meals every week), free work clothes twice a year, shuttle bus to and from work (according to the shuttle route);
3. Employee life: The company provides employees with a variety of staff activity rooms, such as table tennis, badminton, chess and card room, billiards, calligraphy, etc., and regularly organizes various activities of employees, and extremely up-to-date employee activities to enrich employees' spare time. To cultivate employees' sentiments;
4. Annual tourism: The company organizes all employees to travel abroad every year;
5. Training promotion: Provide systematic vocational training, including company internal training and out-of-office training;
6, promotion space: a good career development space and promotion opportunities.
7. Jinggang system: The company adheres to the principle of not burying any talents, and has the ability to serve and compete for key positions.
8. Physical examination of employees: regular physical examinations for employees