Interior designer
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Recruitment position: interior designer - several
Monthly salary: No liability basic salary Probation period 2000+ 0.3% commission, no cap. Turned to a positive salary of 3000+.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for communicating with customers to understand the customer's design intention, responsible for the design of the design plan and construction drawings;
2. Assist clients in looking at budgets and plans and signing contracts;
3. Conduct site tracking and service;
4. Assist the engineering manager in project acceptance;
job requirements:
1. Strong creativity, planning ability, good writing ability, and quick thinking;
2. Proficiency in drawing software such as AUTO CAD;
3, work seriously, have a sense of responsibility, work hard, and have a team spirit;
4, have a good art foundation, good creative ability, will budget
1. Bonus distribution: The year-end bonus distribution is based on the company's profit at the end of the year;
2, eat and wear: free staff accommodation (three meals, and improve employee meals every week), free work clothes twice a year, shuttle bus to and from work (according to the shuttle route);
3. Employee life: The company provides employees with a variety of staff activity rooms, such as table tennis, badminton, chess and card room, billiards, calligraphy, etc., and regularly organizes various activities of employees, and extremely up-to-date employee activities to enrich employees' spare time. To cultivate employees' sentiments;
4. Annual tourism: The company organizes all employees to travel abroad every year;
5. Training promotion: Provide systematic vocational training, including company internal training and out-of-office training;
6, promotion space: a good career development space and promotion opportunities.
7. Competition system: The company adheres to the principle of not burying any talents, and has the ability to serve and compete for key positions.
Physical examination of employees: Regular physical examinations are given to employees.