Technical staff
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One: curtain wall, door and window technology, design and development personnel
Job responsibilities are as follows:
1. Adhere to the combination of theory and practice, constantly update knowledge, improve technical skills, and constantly improve design and development.
2. Formulate construction plans and process flow, review and prepare processing drawings, and solve technical problems
3. Vigorously promote new technologies, new processes, promote product quality, and improve production efficiency
4. Responsible for the site survey work undertaken by the company to undertake engineering projects
5. Responsible for the deep drawing design work of the projects undertaken by the company
6. Responsible for the communication with the Party A and the supervisor in the early stage and the signing of the drawings (technical submission)
7. Responsible for the company to undertake engineering project drawings and answers, solve technical problems, and prepare construction drawings.
8. Responsible for the planning of the original and auxiliary materials (consumption) of the project undertaken by the company.
9. Responsible for the quality problem handling and technical coordination of the projects undertaken by the company.
10. Propose and solve technical problems in time in daily technical management
11. Complete the tasks assigned by the leadership
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, architectural or design related fields;
2, 3 - 5 years of relevant work experience in design and development of door and window curtain wall, can compile the company's new product development plan, and organize implementation to solve various technical problems in the product trial production process;
3. Have unique insights into structural design and manufacturing processes. Has excellent spatial imagination.
4, familiar with plastic steel, aluminum alloy profiles, sheet metal, skilled use of AutoCAD; office automation
5. Have the ability to develop and innovate, work meticulously and be disciplined.
6, integrity and trustworthiness, strong sense of responsibility, strong affinity, there is a pursuit. Willing to develop together with the company.
7. Be able to master the various norms of this profession and be proficient in the theoretical knowledge of this profession. There are individually designed doors and windows or curtain walls of more than 5,000 square meters (subject to the signature of the drawings)
8.. Project cost engineer certificate is preferred
1. Bonus distribution: The year-end bonus distribution is based on the company's profit at the end of the year;
2, eat and wear: free staff accommodation (three meals, and improve employee meals every week), free work clothes twice a year, shuttle bus to and from work (according to the shuttle route);
3. Employee life: The company provides employees with a variety of staff activity rooms, such as table tennis, badminton, chess and card room, billiards, calligraphy, etc., and regularly organizes employee activities, extremely up-to-date employee activities, and enriches employees' spare time. To cultivate employees' sentiments;
4. Annual tourism: The company organizes all employees to travel abroad every year;
5. Training promotion: Provide systematic vocational training, including company internal training and out-of-office training;
6, promotion space: a good career development space and promotion opportunities.
7. Competition system: The company adheres to the principle of not burying any talents, and has the ability to serve and compete for key positions.
8. Physical examination of employees: Regular physical examinations are given to employees.
Second, the door and window curtain wall technicians
Job Responsibilities:
1. Out of profiles, fittings, glass order forms and processing work orders,
2. Draw the relevant drawings.
3. Responsible for the receipt of drawings and related technical letters from customers, and produce processing orders for their models, specifications, quantities and processing requirements;
4. Contact the customer for relevant technical or other problems discovered during the reconciliation of each customer, and propose solutions in a timely manner;
5. The processing single checklist determines the relevant technical or other problems found during the check, and contacts and negotiates with the customer to propose a solution in time;
6. Cooperate with the company to do related matters related to this position.
1. Materials, architecture, structure, machinery and other related majors, college degree or above.
2. Proficient in cad and pro-e or solidworks CAD 3D mapping.
3. Engaged in door and window design for more than 3 years, can complete project bidding work independently, familiar with relevant industry norms, and familiar with the whole process of door and window design and construction.
4. Understand the billing and cutting.
5. Will drive, can withstand certain work pressure; work initiative, strong learning ability and judgment ability; have strong self-motivation, familiar with CAD drawing software and office software.
6, proficient in materials science, with experience in material quality inspection is preferred;
7. Experience in processing technology of door and window profiles and accessories is preferred;
8, can independently complete the design of various curtain wall doors and windows, construction drawings
9. Familiar with relevant national standards and standards;